Kelso C-7 School District: COVID 19 FAQ

Question: When do we go back to school?

Answer: Per Governor Parsons’s order, all schools in Missouri will not resume for the 2019-20 academic year. The current return date for Kelso C-7 School’s 2020-21 academic year is Wednesday, August 26, 2020.

Question: When can I pick up my child’s personal items?

Answer: Once the stay at home order is lifted, the district will implement a plan to safely admit families to retrieve students’ personal items. If your child has essential items, such as medicine, those items can be picked up by appointment. Email or for appointments.


Question: I am having trouble with logins and technology-related items, who do I contact?

Answer: For district wide items, such as I-Ready, AR, and website items, please contact Mrs. Taylor Long at She maintains those platforms for Kelso C-7. Classroom specific items, please contact your child’s teacher.


Question: Where do I find my child’s work?

Answer: All student work is posted on the district website on the “Classroom Resources” button from the homepage. Each teacher has a communication platform (Facebook, SeeSaw, Class Dojo) that is also utilized to share weekly work. All work will be posted by Sunday at 6 pm.


Question: What if I don’t have access to adequate technology (fast Internet, laptop or devices, etc.)?

Answer: We know that right now is really difficult and stressful. Do what you can with your child. Our faculty and staff have been working to provide a variety of resources that meet a variety of access for families; there are both digital/online items and items that can be printed. If you can access either one-that is awesome! If your family can not access anything from the website, please let us know. We are mailing print items to families.

Question: How is Kelso C-7 School taking grades?

Answer: We are no longer taking grades. It was our hope that we could continue to, but our district and region is not set up to take grades fairly and equally. Students’ 3rd quarter grades will be their final grade.


Question: How do I know if my student is doing their work correctly?

Answer: We may not be fully set up to take grades, but we can still help our students know if they are on track or not. The goal moving forward is to continue learning and growing. Our teachers are prepared to give your child feedback to help them continue to grow and learn. It can be something as simple as snapping a picture of a child’s work and texting or messaging it to your child’s teacher. They can provide some feedback to whether your child is on the right path or point you in the direction. Some teachers are also posting their answer keys to check student work.


Question: How will I know if my child passes to go to the next grade level?

Answer: As of now, all students will be passed to the next grade level unless your child’s teacher has not mentioned retention already. Retention meetings will be established early in May for our families that have already been notified.


Question: What is the “last day of school”?

Answer: May 15th is the last day of school per the established school calendar. That will be the last week of online work and food deliveries. We are working to develop alternate ways to celebrate end of school items, such as graduations, play days, etc.


Question: Can my child access counseling resources?

Answer: Yes! Mrs. Creech continues to post resources on her Facebook and is accessible. If you would like to reach out for more specific resources, please email her at We are glad to help our families through this stressful time.